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Shenzhen Taianda Electronics Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in switching and socket manufacturing, and has provided nearly 1,000 switch and socket products for the electronics industry. Including touch switch, key switch, micro switch, pull switch, direct key switch, boat switch, power switch, 2.5/3.5 headphone socket, power socket, fuse tube socket, USB socket, AV socket, IC socket, S Terminal series, terminal series, 6.35 socket series, connector series, pin header, row mother series, etc. Widely used in DVD, amplifier, multimedia audio, set-top boxes, computer peripheral products, various household appliances, electronic toys, car audio, MP3, digital cameras, c...[detailed]

Touch switch use and product f...

The touch switch, which is a miniature trigger switch, belongs to the category of electronic components. The touch switch is also called the key switch. It first appeared in Japan [called: sensitive switch]. When the switch is operated, the pressure switch function closes to meet the operating force... [detailed]